Terms of Service

We Respect Your Privacy: We value your privacy and do not sell your email address to outside companies. By providing us with your contact information, you agree to receive informational emails about your order and Fairbanks Soil and Water Conservation District (FSWCD).

Condition of Sale: After you submit your order and the checkout process is completed, your order is taken from inventory and your credit card is charged immediately. Customer agrees that their order will be processed without requiring a signature. The customer is required to pick up their order through our curbside pickup process, or picked up by a representative. More details about the curbside pickup process will follow at a later date.

Wrong Item: We are very careful to label varieties true to name, and we will replace the product if we have included the incorrect plant in an order. We will not refund the purchase price of the plant, but we will replace the plant at our expense and with the inventory we have available. Customer acknowledges that they understand the plant type they are purchasing as posted on each product page at www.fwscdtrees.com. FSWCD will not replace or refund any items where the customer purchased the wrong plant type. In the unlikely event that your order is missing an item please contact FSWCD within 72 hours of picking up the order. We don’t offer refunds, but if the missing item is out of stock customer may substitute for a tree or shrub of comparable value.

Cancelling an Order: Requests for cancellations must be made by calling 1-907-479-1213 during normal business hours (M-F, 10-4pm). Orders CANNOT be cancelled after May 7th at 5pm.  Orders cancelled before May 7th will be charged the greater of a $10.00 cancellation fee or 10% of the purchase price.

Returns/Refunds: All sales are final; however, if an item does not arrive we will issue a complete refund for that item.  There are no refunds for delays.

Things happen! We cannot guarantee Mother Nature, hungry animals, plants planted out of recommended USDA hardiness zones, human damage, extreme weather damage, over-watering, drought, insects, disease or poor soil conditions. Plants are living organisms that can die from a multitude of different causes beyond our control.  We do our best to make sure you are getting a quality product and research which plants will most likely do well in Interior Alaska, but we cannot guarantee the survival or success of each plant.

Growing plants require a suitable site, compatible environment, and care to prosper, and these are conditions beyond our control. Customer agrees, by accepting these terms and conditions, that the images used on www.fwscdtrees.com product pages, are representative of what the product they purchased will look like when it reaches the age of maturity, and is not what they will be receiving with their order.