Wood’s Rose


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A classic early summer flower for the pollinator garden and herbalist, the Wood’s Rose is a native, much-branched, deciduous shrub, that grows up to 6 ft. tall and forms thickets.  Stems are red and prickled on their lower portions, though not as well-armed as other wild roses.  Leaves are pinnately-compound with five to nine leaflets. Pink, five-petaled flowers, 2 in. across, are followed by many orange-red hips.  Rose petals can be used for making jam or in potpourri and rose hips can be used for jams, teas, and pies as long as seeds are removed in full.  Wild bumblebees love roses and the rose hips are an important winter wildlife food.

Landscaping: Shade to full sun, dry to moist soil.

Size: 12″+ bare root seedling

Zone 3

PDF: NRCS Plant Guide Wood’s Rose

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Scientific Name

Rosa woodsii Lindl.


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