Russet Buffaloberry


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Yellow-brown flowers with males and females on separate shrubs. Bright red, translucent oval berries which are edible but almost tasteless or bitter.  Found in dry to moist open woods and thickets.  Also called soapberry, soopalallie, foamberry, Canada buffaloberry, and rabbitberry. 

Landscaping: Prefers moist to wet soil and is generally found on rocky, sandy, or gravelly soils and is able to survive on nutrient poor soils because of its nitrogen fixing ability. This species prefers partial shade or partial sun to full sun.

Size: 6-12″ bare root

USDA Zone 2

PDF: NRCS Plant Guide for Russet Buffaloberry

Special Note: Order several to ensure best chances for male and female bushes for berry production!

Additional information

Scientific Name

Shepherdia canadensis (L.) Nutt.