Midwest Crabapple


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A medium-sized hardy tree with a rounded crown that does not sucker and grows to 12-16′.  Beautiful, showy, white blossoms in spring are great for pollinators.  Edible, small (less than 1/2″) fruits are good in preserves.  Fruit is persistent and dries on the tree for winter birds. Midwest crabapple is also called Manchurian crabapple. Useful as a windbreak, especially when planted with others, or as a recreational planting.

Landscaping: Plant in full sun with well-drained soil.

Size: 12-20″ bare root

Zone 3

PDF: Midwest Crabapple

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Scientific Name

Malus baccata var. mandschurica 'Midwest'


Big Sioux Nursery


12-20” bare-root