Gooseberry (potted)


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A small, spiny shrub that propagates easily through layering or cuttings and grows to 2-3′ in height with a equal spread. The large grape-like berry has translucent skin with beautiful distinctive striping which ripens to reddish-pink and has a sweet tart flavor. Most commonly used in gooseberry pie but also excellent in preserves, juice, desserts, frozen fruit medleys, and for fresh eating. Self-fertile so they don’t need an extra plant to pollinate.  Grown locally and overwintered in interior Alaska at Moose Creek Farm.

Landscaping: Plant in well-drained soil with full sun but can tolerate light shade for half a day.

Size: 1-2 year old plants are potted in 6″ plots and approximately 9″ tall.

Zone: 3

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Scientific Name

Ribes uva-cripsa


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