Dolgo Crabapple


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A white-flowering heirloom crabapple tree with an upright crown and branches growing skyward. Flowers have a long bloom time, making it an excellent pollinator for other crabapples and apples. Fruits are large, 1″ oval-shaped, and an attractive red that can actually be eaten right off the tree with a tart-tart-sweet flavor profile. Very hardy rootstock or interstock. Excellent for pollinators, birds, and people. Heavy-bearing variety, the fruits can be used for cider, cooking/sauces, canning, and preserves. Mature size is 12-15′ high and 12-15′ wide.

Landscaping:  Well drained.  Full sun.

Size:  6-12″ Bareroot Seedling

Zone 3

PDF: NRCS Plant Guide for Malus spp.

Photo Credit: Виталий Брыкин, CC BY-SA 4.0


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Scientific Name

Malus x 'Dolgo'